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Process keeps the stress away

If we have process while doing the work or study then it will be done in hormony. How ?..

let’s see examples . . .

Process for the study -

. have study room

. organize books, files

. organize notes

. divide study subject into smaller chunks (once you divide into smaller

parts, you can understand the

subject better and love to study,

remember right teachers are important to learn the subject)

. practice meditation 20 mins a day

. eat healthy

. do exercise

. dont compete with others but

compete with yourself

. do regular revision of subjects

. plan when to do what depending on

timing and your energy level (example if you are tired then read easy subject or do something that’s

easy for you. I said time because early morning energy level is high so we can start with heavy topics (heavy

topics are relative and vary person

to person)

. Plan and plan about points and. make changes in plan as per need

and then execute and keep track, if

you miss track that’s ok, keep trying

and do your best. show compassion

to yourself.

if you have plan and know reality then you will not get stress.

Process for the sports -

. learn sports (games)

. read about the game (example karate

or swimming)

. watch YouTube videos

. follow sports person

. try to understand rules

. sports are for healthy mind and body, . learn and play for enjoyment, be

honest in practice

you can apply the process in work or anything in life, process is pattern and way to execute your thoughts In hormony. Do anything in life but in hormony, slowness helps you to bring hormony. Slowness is not actual slowness in action but it is “the speed suitable for your body and mind“, that time. Be in hormony, keep learning.

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