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Our Hobbies

building robots, studying animals, study, sports, gym, writing notes

Observing yourself

what are you going to gain by observation?

first, you will know yourself, your habits and your motive behind actions.

Try to understand the habits.


Keep chanting to have good habits and focus on the presence.

Living in the present moment is super important and that is also an observation.

Biology Class

Study about animals, insects, birds

What can we learn from animals?

Do animal having relationships? 

what do you know about their communities and languages?

Babda, How are machines inspired from the animals? 

Name few animals or insects inspiring, the engineering 

Wild Horses on the Prarie

learn `how to learn`

read blogs and read books. think and ask right questions.

Very important thing, always have tools like white board, note taking tools,

Now how to take the notes? (coming..)

To learn a new skill, always have a plan (see and get the best courses and trainings (you need to keep taking trainings from different sources, till you feel satisfied).

Revise what do you learnt, this is very important. Having own notes will help in revision and save time.

Always, always take notes, taking notes is the best investment of the time.

Seek help from seniors and keep observing what others (expert in that field) are doing.

keep chanting Krishna (father of the universe). you may think, how Krishna is helping to learn new things, but as you grow, you will realize, but for now you have to trust daddy.

Car/Machine study

stay tuned...

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