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Practice does not help you as expected, without the right direction and weight.

if you are learning a new skill but practicing the same thing then you may not see the improvement. practice is important but it needs to have the right direction.

For example, in 'Karate training', your teacher never asks you to practice only for the white belt only, after some time the teacher asks you to go for gold or green, expecting new challenges to be faced and the teacher changes the difficulty level of your practice (that is called 'weight' in your practice because the difficulty level is changed) and 'going to the right person' is the right direction in your practice. So you understood, the weight and direction.

find out the fear behind, `not accepting new challenges`. Before accepting new challenges we always feel uncomfortable but the solution for this is to start with baby (simple) steps and Make sure you know the basics (like before going for a green belt you need to know `white belt skills`).

chanting god's name and meditation always gives super strenth to the mind and builds courage inside the heart.

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