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Asking right questions (Super Important)

Updated: May 28

This Era is about machine learning and artificial intelligence, so what is super important in this era is asking the right questions and finding the right source.


Make sure your questions are adding some value to your knowledge. Your question is helping you to clarify your doubts. Take time to form a question, if you feel confused then write it down, make a diagram, and see what makes sense. spend more time, it's not about doing it quickly but doing it right with a calm and relaxed mind.

Becoming confident about the subject (i can do it) takes about 300 hours of focused effort. With dedication, you can gain confidence of becoming an expert in that subject. Understanding this "300 hours rule" can help alleviate fear and uncertainty.

Remember, it takes 2000-10000 hours to really become profession in any subject with right guidance. i am talking about software development, doctor, painter, singer.

So don't waste time, keep learning.

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