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Application (super important)

Rule one jealousy, fear, and grudge are poisonous feelings, let's see why? .....

jealousy - if you are jealous of someone's success then remember you are jealous of SUCESS or winning, which means eventually you are keeping those good characteristics and success away from you so participate in someone's success and attract success toward you also, with humbleness. (humbleness is super important in anything you do in life.)

Fear - fear is something that keeps your potential blocked because you do not dare to face the problem. You can not progress without facing the challenges, every challenge is an opportunity to grow and know more about yourself.

Example - I got a challenge to learn karate, it's not easy for me, and I have to bear the body pain. But it's an opportunity to be strong and focused. so this challenge is good?

Please remember, karate is about being alert, reflective, calm, focused, improving body strength, and learning tactics to defend or attack for the right reason.

Grudge - It keeps your mind and brain occupied with revenge and ego. you can not focus 100% on any work or game.

Rule two finding what simple tasks are making that difficult task.

Always, start applying what you learn from the blogs from this site. How? take baby steps. Be compassionate to yourself. For example, say I want to learn calculus, and I am not sure if it is difficult or super difficult. When you start studying or doing new things, fear is natural but remember, fear is the enemy and to avoid the fear, have the courage.

There is always an answer to counter fear.

Let's see how

the definition of a difficult task, `the combination of simple tasks is a difficult task`. so now you will not have that much fear of facing difficult task, because you know the rule.

Now how to find simple tasks, making that difficult task? here we have to ask a question, what is the simplest thing I can do to start the work? Always remember that starting is super important. So find the simplest thing and take baby steps.

Rule Three talk, discuss, search, and ask for help. Ask the right questions (we have another blog about asking questions, please read that too)

Example -

oh, I don't know calculus, from where can I learn it?

who can help me?

I can not ignore it and say, Whatever? Ignorance is a bad habit.

rule 3, asking for the help for the right reason and universe is kind enough to show direction and give you the help.

Rule four Yes, Apply.. Apply your learnings (meaning apply rule 1, rule 2, rule 3).

if you are, more compassionate and humble, then it's easy to apply learnings in the real life.

Mistakes are fine if you are trying again and improving. it's never a late, just do it.

let's see examples of `applying your learnings` -

  • Finding simple tasks that are making the difficult task.

  • Asking for help, talking to right people and ask right questions.

  • Important is Start, ... so babda start working on it. Do it in real. Life is asking for actions.

So application means, learning to apply `your learnings` in real life is super important.

Remember, Just do it.

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