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Updated: Oct 16, 2022

As you are growing up, you will start feeling, time is flying. People say, in the `adult life` this happens, but the real reason, because of ‘more responsibilities and people interactions’ time flies.

Understanding subjects like `engineering` or `complex architectures of monuments` or `medical details about body` .. are relatively easy, the toughest part is to understand people dynamics.

In society you will meet different people, few people are more complex than they appear, but always remember intelligence comes with the simplicity. More the simplicity, more the intelligence. People with the complexity may seems intelligent but they are not, with time, things will be crystal cleared. But.. Babda, you need the framework.

Let’s talk about the rule, "Simplicity brings intelligence, wisdom" and knowing this rule is the framework. Now how this rule will help you? .. It helps you to understand the people. meaning if someone is intelligent then you will feel comfortable with him/her. You can ask questions & get answers. You will sense honesty. You will see "no style while talking". You will see "no style while walking". You will sense, no traps and straightforward behavior.

So what we need is framework, it will help you in decision making.

In the fast moving life, decision making is complex in many scenarios and to take decisions, what we need is “framework”.

Example of the framework,

Steve Jobs used to wear same color (black) T-shirt and jeans (blue).. he didn’t had to invest his time to select the cloths because he has his framework.

7 frameworks .....

  1. Very essential framework is “remembering ’to do the right thing’”.

  2. Simplicity brings intelligence, wisdom knowing this rule you can understand people.

  3. Whatever you do in life will be a struggle, so you need to find the struggle that’s right for you.

  4. Trust the God and have patience.

  5. keep the compassionate voice

  6. plan and then execute

  7. Keep learning and notes taking

Daddy will keep adding frameworks here .. (we will have Basic and important, 7 frameworks )

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