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Rewind to remember and rejuvenate.

Mr. x was going to the gym almost 2 times a week, he started liking exercise, Mr. x also watched YouTube videos to know exercise steps, his interest was growing.

But after few months because of work and travelings, Mr. x couldn‘t continue going to gym, he also started eating ‘ready to eat‘ food, more frequently. Opps… now his habits are changed.

he don’t feel motivated enough to go to gym.

How did MR x fix this habit?

Mr. x used to lay down on the bed, relax, quite and remember the time when he was interested to go to the gym, he tried to feel and understand the thought process, he was carrying about the gym that point of time.

He tried to remember those YouTube videos. He spent 8-10 mins everyday for few weeks, doing the same and that’s it!

He again got the enthusiasm and interest and love to do the exercise.

initially, he started going to gym for 10 mins then 15…. then 30…. then 45.

Note -

So the main point here is “to remember the thought process from the past, that was triggering good habits and feel it.”

Go back to that that point, from where good habits can be brought back.

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