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Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Find out why are you getting respect? … it may be because you are rich

… may be because of your parents

… may be because you are best student

… may be because your brother or sister is the best in study or sports! Or your siblings are rich !!

but in real, you should get respect because of your values (honesty, humbleness and gratitude) & the skills. These two things are super important, to earn the respect.

always remember, you have to earn the respect and don’t beg for it.

only good people or prabhuji gives respect to everyone and that is correct, but in the world, you earn Respect based on your skills and values.

Note : if you have only values but no skills, you will not respect from everyone!! and even if you have skills and no values still you not get respect from everyone.

If you have skills then people may respect you because of fear but that is not a real respect.

Now find the answer, why people are respecting you? But you have to respect everyone because that is a value, ethical practice. From the bad people, stay away! but don’t disrespect them because in reality they are not bad but they are “less intelligent”.

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