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P-Lesson 4 : Politics

Having patience is the most important thing, because truth takes some time to be known.. so have some patience.

So simple formula is “Trust the god and have the patience”. This formula is given by Sri Sai baba.

About the patience, everything takes it’s own time, baby takes 9 months in the mother’s womb, nature has its rule and the process, if you believe this then you will develop the patience.

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First learn to say thank you, because you are going to think “what is not right ?” So please learn to say thank you.

Always always give minimum 2% of income in charity and give charity for the right reason. good deeds are always always good for your spiritual and material progress. Help society.

With the right association (friend circle) you can avoid lots of problems, pain in the life. So this is super important to have roght association. example : If I have wrong association then, I may sta

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