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P-Lesson 3 - Politics

being calm and “controlling the anger“ is not only a “simple instruction“, in reality, it’s the practice and we have to do the practice, few times in a week. Meditation is the tool to keep the mind calm.

Chanting Hare Krishna is the best way to keep the mind calm.

Having clear concepts is also another way; concepts like, “accept people as they are, don’t try to change them“ (unless someone is very close, like Babda). Accept that, everyone is not following, the values. Accept that, world is not fair, why? because everyone is not having the same level of intelligence and “less intelligent people“ don’t follow values and hence such people are not fair.

But always remember, Krishna is watching us. Keep improving yourself, practice values and do the hard work. “success and happiness” will always follow hard work and values. people will use you with triggering your anger so always take responsibility and practice to be calm, you have to respond but not react.

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