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Observe (minor patterns, we have to observe minor habits, 100-plus times, a day)

Observe the small habits/pattern. How do you react? what is your mindset, this is super critical.

How do you react when you are standing on stage vs at home? How do you react when you have to complete a lot of homework? How do you react when someone shouts at you?

How do you react/mindset when talking to friends, parents, strangers, rich people, or poor people? Handling every situation gracefully is lifetime learning. Happy learning.

respond not react!

TODO - this blog need 1-2 hours so, I will write it later. (this practice we have to use ~100 times a day, it includes your social behavior, your reaction when you are in a group, what matters to you, and how you make decisions. your personality? is some simple task difficult for you? Do you life specific food and dislike specific food?

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