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Networking (copied from Author - Radhakrishnan)

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

This is super important, networking is your association and friend circle.

you will meet many people, most of them will come in Journey and go, but what is important ?

  1. find right people to do networking

  2. make good contacts with them, invest right time

  3. you should know purpose of networking (say, you have networking with your school‘s friend ? Then the purpose is growth, study together or know the subject, plan together. Don’t make network for the selfish motive. help others, in helping others you will grow. But first you have to help yourself and then when you get time, help others.

  4. Invest time to learn from others and share your knowledge, if someone asks and it’s ok to share. Always check, the person, you are sharing the knowledge having ethical values ? else it will be the problem.

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