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Morning ritual - (Double P); pray & plan

Pray, when you wake up.

planning is super important, plan..plan.. and plan. Writing down about plan and at least some details are superb important, write it… write it.

more you write more clarity and visuals you get. Keep studying the subject and keep planning.

when you wake up? Ask, what are you going to do today? Simply plan 2-3 things, that you can do that day.

we can have short term and long term plans. Long term plan gets divided into short term plans. (Daily plan is the short term plan).

Remember you can always get help from expert but ask right questions.

You don’t have to be perfect to ask right questions.

example of daily plan - I will water plants today. i will study for 1 hour and play soccer with friends and before that watch YouTube soccer training for 20 minutes. Total planning for 4 things - watering plan, study, watch YouTube and play soccer.

now what are you going to study? Make plan, keep it simple and be compassionate.

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