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Updated: May 8, 2022

Do not.. do not lie, If you keep lying then it becomes a habit, At first you lie to others and then you start lying to yourself ! Because of this, decision making gets bad. Person can not take decision if he or she keeps lying. Remember, for right decision we need correct information.

Be humble. When we say `be humble` meaning don't carry ego! How to find if I have ego? Basically you need find out the intention behind the action. Example, If I have luxurious & expensive car then actual reason of having car supposed to be `traveling comfortably`, right? OR to show people the luxury or How rich I am ?

Let's take another example, When you study in school, What is the main reason? to show off or to learn. When you buy a bag then what is the reason to have that bag? if you use the same bag with style meaning you are not having right intention because bag supposed to carry the stuff. When you carry the bag with style meaning there is an ego.Basically when intentions are not right, there is a place for EGO and when ego comes humbleness goes away.

Don't steal - stealing is a bad karma, We have to return all the karma so better to be honest and earn honestly.

In life we will either have good habits or bad habits so make sure you are busy with good habits like exercise, swimming , studying , chanting, playing sports, visiting parks, finding animals, cooking good food.

Gratitude "saying thank you and you really meaning it [practice it]" is the major force that can give you a success in any field and in any subject.

Important secret - When you behave with others, it's not for others, it's for you only.

We tuned our mind & thought process, whenever we behave with others. Meaning? you are actually tuning or shaping your thought process, either while talking to yourself or others! So be aware! Be aware...

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Life brings lots of surprises & situations and right that moment, it’s not easy to find the answer, really difficult. Example, say .. walking on road and walking on a plank of wood, hung between two buildings. Walking is same in both situations and enough space to keep feet and walk. But the situations are different. In the first situation, walking on ground and second situation, walking on a scary height. Same way life brings different situations but action is same, in such situation decision making is tough, so magical line to find answer is “do the right thing”. “Do the right thing”.

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