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learn from the failure, Be proud of failures, but focus to improve & keep on improving.

Daddy failed in (Computer engineering, Mumbai university) Exam, he failed in four subjects out of 8 subjects. Result was declared. Next day, professor came in the class and asked, who got the top score? and also asked "who all failed?", actually more than 50% (percentage) students were failed, but only 8-9 students out of 50-60 students, stood up and said, " i am failed in 1 or 2.. subjects".

Daddy, said. i am failed in 4 subjects, with confidence and in strong voice!! in more confidence than the topper in the class.

After that day, Daddy worked hard and planned to study, daily... with more focus and dedication.

now... Next exam !... what will happen, in this exam?

Daddy was the only student in the college who cleared all 12 subjects and that was the record. No one could clear, more than 10 subjects in one attempt! Once you have this kind of success, you get momentum.

Happy Learning!

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