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I want this as soon as possible, Quick!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

In Nature everything has its own process & required time. Remember, progress for our efforts is always happening but we don’t see this, always! Please have patience.. patience ... and patience ….

When we plant a seed, it’s actually inside the dark and underground. In reality the seed is planning a blueprint of humongous tree, and nature takes right time, what is required, So enjoy the waiting and keep doing the work.

example : I want money as soon as possible, want millions!! But it’s not going to happened in one night or in few months, if you want to earn in right way. Then how to earn quickly?

only option we have is keep doing hard work and keep the right direction. (direction - meaning suppose you want to earn from farming then know about soil, plants , water management, weather, machinery and wrong direction meaning trying do some other business simultaneously and not focusing on farming).

We can’t expect output quickly, if goal is bigger then it takes its own time, then What can we do to achieve goal quickly ?

don’t waste time, mange your time and plan, ask question to yourself - are we following the plan? take help from expert if you have doubts. Study yourself, understand your habits.

So the conclusion is nature takes its own time to show you result but what you control is your own time and own efforts and planning. Don’t waste time then your goal achievement will be quick, that is the only option we have but remember health is super important so we have to balance work, health and other responsibilities (priorities).

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