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Focus (Be in the presence)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

For anything you are doing in your life or daily routines, focus is the most important thing.

Always Focus on the thing, you are doing in present. Always try to be in the presence.

Sididi, do you remember, the speech on Buddha? You stumbled while giving the speech.

Why, Babda...?

Because instead of focusing on the message, that supposed to be conveyed to the audience, you were focusing on yourself, so ego came in your mind, Meaning.. proud or fear or nervousness entered in your mind and you lost the track. To avoid such situation,

focus on the thing that you are supposed to do, not on yourself.

Q: What is ego?

A. The prefix ego refers to a person's sense of self

Always make sure, are you focusing the right thing? If you don't focus on right thing then chances are high that you are focusing on yourself OR ego.

Next time before public speech? will you think about "Buddha speech" or do you think about the speech, supposed to be given that moment?

Do you focus on past OR focus on the presence? (think and answer to yourself)

Remember, focus is very beautiful thing.

Be in presence, meaning while eating .. simply eat. While walking be aware of surrounding and simply walk. When studying... just read or write or think, that's it. When you take bath, simply clean your body. More you practice, more you become the expert and Babda, learn to be in presence and the moment you practice being in presence, your focus will start becoming stronger. Understood?

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I went to Gym for 10 days and then I missed the Gym 4-5 days in a row, what i need to focus on ? Missing part or 10 days exercise part?

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