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Consistency is the Key (Secret formula)

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Question - What is the difficult or challenging task?

( Complex task is the task for which you think, Oh! i can not do this! Task can be learning new skill or new subject or doing gardening or learning skiing )

Answer - Combination of "small & simple" tasks makes the difficult task.

Example - you want to make a stronger body. Is it easy? No. But then how to achieve this?

Answer is simple - do simple things but repeat daily.

Let's see the example - Sididi thought of solving a complex task, say body building,

Sididi thought about it and came up with the "simple tasks" those he has to do first, like eating healthy everyday and do exercise for 25 mins/daily and avoid unhealthy food. Eating healthy daily? meaning Sididi has to find healthy food, then Sididi has to decide daily timings for the lunch, dinner, breakfast. hmm.. likewise Sididi can approach the solution for the bigger and more complex task by completing smaller tasks.

But Do Sididi do the "same exercise steps" daily? May be Yes, May be Not, Sididi will decide, as Sididi's body grows or get more stronger, he has to change the "exercise steps", why? with the body changes, Sididi also has to change the exercise steps.

Always be mindful (aware) to find the right answer. Because whatever `the solution` may be right in January is not right in December, With the time we have to think again for the correct solution

To convert any complex task, first thing we have to do is to "the planning" and "convert that bigger task into smaller & easy tasks (things)".

We don't have choice, either "be consistence and do the difficult task" OR

"regret of not doing it". ALWAYS ALWAYS having pain of hard work is better than regretting the failure. Note - Remember, hard work does not mean, really hard work. Hard work meaning "planning and being consistence"

Remember failure is a step not a final result. Keep doing.... Keep trying....Keep improving. Find where you can improve yourself, everyday is a new game, play your best.

To do anything, always get blessings from Krishna. Krishna is always there to help, no matter who you are or how bad you are.

Next secret, Universe has the `infinite and intelligent energy` that makes sure, you will get multifold "good returns" for good deeds and "bad results" for bad deeds.

Our heart always knows, "what is good and what is bad", because God is in everyone's heart. You have to trust that GOD is in the heart, as you grow, you will understand more and trust more and more about GOD.

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