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Bad habits and “being in presence”

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Babda, I am writing this post, about the habit “taking tongue out”, whenever you feel shy or awkward. if you focus on the tongue and tell yourself again & again “don’t do it” meaning you are thinking about the tongue only. Answer for coming out of the any bad habit is “being in presence“, meaning focus on the work or whatever you are doing. eventually you will be confident to handle all habits, keep practicing being in presence. note : if you have any bad habit, then don’t be harsh or rude with yourself. First thing is to accept it and show compassion toward you, this is the most important thing. If you practice "being in presence" then your ‘nail biting’ habit will also go away.

What you have to do ?

Be in Presence

Be in Presence

Be in Presence

Other things will trap you, not to be in presence, ..but always.. always ...remember to come back and think what you are doing now? to solve any problem happened in past, you can dedicate 20-30 minutes and solve it but remember, when you are solving that problem, you are in the presence, because you are solving it now.

Don't think about people .... think about solution and do the right thing.

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