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1008 days experiment and the superfood!

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

As per Sadguru, one woman was suffering from diabetics, thyroid and many more health issues. she decided to eat only oranges for 1008 days! and the results was astonishing, all her health reports were better or improved after 1008 days. she was looking younger (approximately, 10 years younger! ). So food is the key behind your health. Eat healthy stay healthy. I also experimented with few of the food options, I started eating fruits and Khichadi (with cow ghee) and salad, dry fruits, green vegetables (eating above options in enough & proper quantity but not more) for few months (approx 6 months) and daily walking (exercise) for 40 minutes and results are astonishing, i also started looking younger!! (because it is noticeable).

Interesting facts : As per Ayurveda, Indian superfood is Khichadi.

Having cow ghee in Khichadi is more beneficial.

Cooking Khichadi in Clay pot is what, I would prefer. Toor dal, Moong dal, Masoor dal are few of the options in Khichadi, to get more energy and all these ‘dal’ are energy packed food. i also prefer to add green vegetables to make the Khichadi delicious.

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