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Don’t believe, just because of someone said so….. think and then find the right answer by yourself.

Life is a journey and school, you will get advises and suggestions from many, listen those carefully but think and then decide the right answer. Everyone has to do this, no choice, more you think in harmony to find answer, more maturity you will get, your thought process and decision skills will be improved.

example : my friend told me, exponential based maths problems are difficult and I believed him.. but when I read the problem, i realize .. it is not that difficult, so learning for me is “dont directly believe that I hear”, I need to spend my time to judge and decide. But sometimes it’s better to ask expert in that field to get their opinion.

Note : If we don’t know the subject then ask “the experts” and follow the suggestion with some thinking.

Remember, expert is a person who spent 10000 hours in that Subject, subject may be biology, maths or art.

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